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What’s Always Wrong With Books (And Movies)?

She got off the phone with just a single goodbye.
The security guard put up a hell of a fight.
After being knocked out cold in each the last five chapters, the protagonist feels pretty good.

Juliet and Jon talk about those things that movies and books get wrong—spurred on by several choice examples from a recent Reddit discussion. Instead of falling in one of the usual traps, what can the writer to avoid the traps?

We read a few posts from this discussion on Reddit: What is always depicted wrong in movies?
By SadGruffman
Security guards.
I’m not just some mindless drone or hurdle you need to shoot in the back of the head without question of strangle then drag off camera.
I’m an underpaid lower class fuck and I’ll just give you my god damn radio at the first sign of trouble. In fact, you’ve never met a hostage so willing to participate in your shenanigans.


By RainyDayNinja
No one ever asks how to spell things.
Detective (on the phone): “We’ve ID’d the victim, and I need you to search her phone records. Her name is Brittney Mbeza Delacroix.”
Guy at computer: [types it in flawlessly] Got it.
By GingerbreadHouses
Mosts just hang up without saying “good-bye.”
“Ok, see you.”
“Love you.”
“Love you too, bye”
Jon mentioned YA author, Sarah Dessen. Her book Saint Anything is a good example of some of her dialogue techniques.