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It’s Time We Stopped Killing Our Darlings

Who first said Kill Your Darlings?
Was it William Faulkner? Allen Ginsberg? Eudora Welty?
No! And who cares?
The idea stinks.

Jon and Juliet break down the meanings and modern interpretations of Kill Your Darlings. Then they draw out some possible reasons not just when to go easy on your darlings, but when to show them the Love McGuffin.



That Wonderful Writing Resource: eBay

You’re working on a scene…
you need a detail to fill out…
your character’s car, shirt, mug…
Surf on over to the staple of writer’s everywhere… eBay.

Jon describes how eBay can be a great detail resource not just for details by research.

For a divorce scene, Jon researched a late model Subaru and found this auction:








And for that same vehicle, farther down in the listing was this interior shot:








While searching for a minor fashion designer, Jon searched for 70’s Dress and found this lovely number:

Huk-A-Poo Dress









And a detail shot of the tag:










eBay can be found at