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A Collection of Collective Nouns

Hunting, hawks, and habits—how can a 15th century nun help you improve your writing? In this episode, editor Juliet Ulman and author Jon Armstrong explore collective nouns, taxonomies, and the power of a well-chosen word.

The two Wikipedia pages mentioned in the show are:

List of animal names

List of English animal nouns

Caution! Clicking and perusing these pages could help you find the perfect word for your writing, or more likely, it could be the last productive thing you do today.

The image is a page from the Book of Saint Albans.


Embrace the Pace

How is reading a novel like test-driving a car? What does a toddler shaking maracas have to do with the pace of a novel?

In this show, Juliet and Jon explore the definition and execution of pace, and how a story finds its rhythm.